Left is the Remedy... (Çare Soldadır...)

If we were to summarize neoliberalism, for the sake of this article we could say: Neoliberalism, to large extents, has succeeeded in decoupling economics from politics, politics from economics. The liaison we have to rebuild is exactly this. Economics cannot do without politics, politics cannot do without economics. 

As much as the heating up of the plazas following the 2008-09 global crisis, the recently collected global datasets on inequality also call for the need to reestablish this critical liaison. In which direction this reconnection is to be established, what politics will come out of the inequalities anc cleavages of today, stand as the critical factors that will share our future.

The 2018 Global Inequlities Report puts forth the increasing inequalities since the 1980s. The top 1 percent have appropriated twice the share of the lowest 50 percent of the global income that was created. The same database points out a similar trend in wealth accumulation: National wealths have been privatized. The share of public national wealth has been declining steadily since the 1980s. The 2017 Global Wealth Report of  Credit Suisse points out a similar inequality and injustice. While 0.7 percent of the global population holds a wealth that exceeds 1 million dollars, 70 percent of the population has a personal wealth that is below 10 thousand dollars. 

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Sosyal Demokrat Dergi,   October 15, 2018


A Reading of June 24: From Escape to Discovering Class

(24 Haziran Okuması: Sınıftan Kaçıştan Sınıfın Keşfine)

The early elections of June 24 came up as the result of the structural crisis of the current government, and it points to the fact that a new period has started - regarding both the process as well as the outcomes. The known official results pertain multiple dimensions. 


One dimension is that with the Neo-nationalistic coalition winning both the majority in the parliament and the presidential election makes our parliamentary democracy -- a 200 year old democratic tradition -- a thing of the past. Another dimension is that the so-called ''Turkish style Presidential system" that destroys the seperation of powers and therefore democracy in its most modern meaning has now replaced democracy. In other words, AKP has made significant headway in building their own "new regime" This "new regime" relies on further restricting the democratic political space, gathering all powers in a very centralized organization,  diminishing the checks and balances mechanisms into sheer procedures and therefore de facto getting rid of them, and finally on the personification of power through a leader cult. 

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Sosyal Demokrat Dergi,   August 17, 2018

In wake of the Justice March

(Adalet Yürüşünün Ardından) 

While some people draw the curtains of darkness of the nation and the people, others open that curtain step by step and fill the World with light. This time the light spread out throughtout the country, literally through steps that were taken. It grew over 24 days, with 700 thousand steps. Each step left a mark larger than itself. It raised hope. It enhanced self-confidence. We were reminded of our unity and of us. It raised an enthusiasm that the bright future of Turkey and the much needed political change was not that far off. 

We should evaluate the importance of the hundred thousands of steps taken for justice in openning up the clogged political channels.  This is critical for both evaluating the march itself and the possible influence of the march on our future politics. The march became a breather to the nation as it opened up an alternatife democratic channel where all "normal"" political channels have been choked.  But more importantly, it points out to the possibility of taking it beyond these steps to build an emancipatory politics. This is what has raised hopes, enthusiasm and a strong belief that things can change. 

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Sosyal Demokrat Dergi,   August 23, 2017

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